Scott Eastwood Wants to Play Wolverine

Scott Eastwood

After Hugh Jackman has left the role of Wolverine, the 20th Century Fox doesn’t hurry to find a new actor for this role. However, there is one candidate already. Scott Eastwood, the son of legendary Clint Eastwood, who actively builds his career in Hollywood at the moment, told that he would like to play the role of Wolverine.

Recently, Scott was asked what superhero he'd like to play. He enthusiastically answered that he'd like to play Wolverine: “Weapon X. I mean, Logan! You gotta give it to Wolverine! Wolverine, all day”.

At Twitter’s BossLogic, there is already a series of concept art pictures, featuring Scott in the role of Logan/Wolverine.

Scott Eastwood as Wolverine

Scott Eastwood as Wolverine

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