Justin Bieber Wants to Be an Actor

Justin Bieber

Nowadays, famous personalities love to do several works simultaneously. And it’s rather frequent that a single person may have a music album, a couple of movie roles and his or her own clothing line.

In the future, Justin Bieber may become such a “universal” artist. The 23 year old singer wants to try his hand at acting. Moreover, he started to gather pieces of advice from experienced actors, including Adam Sandler and David Spade.

Justin Beiber in Zoolander 2

Justin Beiber in Zoolander 2

The source told: “Justin asked Adam and David Spade out to dinner to pick their brains about breaking into the film industry. They had a great time! Justin had a lot of questions for them about the movie world”. The source also shared: “Justin is trying to educate himself about the industry and learn more about it. He wants to break into acting and directing/producing”.

Technically, Bieber has already appeared on the screen and TV in “Zoolander 2” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” TV series.

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