Justin Bieber Got to the Black List of Beverly Hills Landlords

Justin Bieber

It seems to be a tradition that Justin Bieber’s name appears only in negative news. Recently, the actor got to the black list of Beverly Hills landlords, who have heard much about the singer’s way of life and don’t want to have anything in common with him.

After a great number of claims from the neighbors that Bieber organizes noisy parties and acts of vandalism, no one wants to have such a neighbor, even though he is very popular. Now, Justin has some problems with finding a place to live in Beverly Hills. As a rule, the musician rents big mansions as he doesn’t want to buy a house. But now, because of his bad reputation, Bieber has to live in hotels.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

The insiders state that the homeowners rejected the rent offers of up to US$100,000 a month from the singer. That’s why, he lives at a hotel: “Instead he’s become a resident at a hotel, where the well-heeled guests have been doing double takes seeing him at breakfast on his own with his tattoos and baggy pants”.

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