Johnny Depp Visited Disneyland in the Costume of Jack Sparrow

Depp as Jack Sparrow

The image of Jack Sparrow is adored by many Johnny Depp’s fans. Before, the creators of the franchise couldn't hope for such a success and now, Disneyland makes special sections and attractions, dedicated to this theme. Depp decided to surprise the visitors of the park and visited Disneyland, dressed up like Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp surprised fans at Disneyland

Johnny Depp surprised fans at Disneyland

The visitors were shocked and, at the same time, extremely happy to see the celebrity so close. They noted that he played as good as in the movie. Johnny Depp made up his mind to make such a performance in order to promote the new part of the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which will appear on the screens soon.

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