Chris Evans Told about Breakup with Jenny Slate

Cris Evans

On April 7, the new movie starring Chris Evans, “Gifted”, will appear on the screens. In the recent time, the actor constantly takes part in various press events and gives interviews. Before, Evans refused to discuss his personal life with journalists. Now, he decided to provide comments on his breakup with the “Gifted” co-star, Jenny Slate.

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate

Chris Evans told many complements to his ex-girlfriend, calling her “the best”. He said: “She’s the best. I’ve never, ever, ever met someone in my life who has a mastery of the English language the way she does. She’ll give you one sentence and there’s no fat to it. You’re like, ‘You just chose such an unbelievable collection of words that beautifully articulate what you say”.

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