Margot Robbie May Star in the Biopic about the Playboy Founder along with Jared Leto

Margot Robbie

Several days ago, it became known that Jared Leto will play in the biopic, dedicated to Hugh Hefner, the founder of the Playboy magazine. The movie producers want to start the shooting as soon as possible and it seems that they have already found the actress for the lead female role. It’s most likely that the role will go to Margot Robbie.

Leto and Robbie already worked together in “Suicide Squad”, where they played Joker and Harley Quinn. Moreover, they will also star in the movie sequel.

Margot Robbie and Jared Leto

Margot Robbie and Jared Leto

As to the biopic about Hugh Hefner, Margot Robbie may play the role of one of his wives. Moreover, not only the movie producers but also Jared Leto tries to persuade the actress to accept the offer.

An interesting fact is that in 2014, Margot refused to pose for the cover of Playboy though this offer was made by Hugh Hefner personally.

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